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The lungs and sickle cell

For most people a painful crisis is the usual problem in sickle cell. Crises occur again and again and are the most frequent reason for admission to hospital. The underlying reason for a painful crisis is blockage of small blood … Continue reading

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More on the benefits of exercise

Following on from the Moving Mountains conference, I have given some more thought to exercise and sickle cell. I discussed this briefly in a previous blog – Lifestyle Choices and Sickle Cell Disease 10/06/2014, but I think it is worth … Continue reading

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Sickle Cell and Body Builders

What have body building and sickle cell got in common? Well it’s a complicated story that starts nearly 40 years ago with the discovery of a simple chemical, nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a very powerful vasodilator, meaning that it … Continue reading

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